Annual ‘Off-site’ Rejuvenates

Apnalaya’s Annual Work Plans, and the freshly crafted ‘Theory of Change’ were unveiled to over 65 staff our Annual ‘Off-site’-cum-staff development retreat, which took place in Diveagar from 25th-27th February, 2019. An important feature in Apnalaya’s annual calendar, the off-site retreat is one of the few times every year when almost all Apnalaya staff come … Continue reading Annual ‘Off-site’ Rejuvenates

Education to Livelihoods – A Continuum

Over the last 44 years of driving grassroots change in under-served urban communities, Apnalaya has learnt that ‘Education, Employability and Empowerment’ should not be treated as separate units. In order to achieve real, tangible results and effect change, there is a need to stay with children from childhood to livelihoods – where interventions are interconnected … Continue reading Education to Livelihoods – A Continuum

School Saheli: Can Peer Pressure Keep Girls in School?

Is it possible to keep girls in school through ‘positive’ peer pressure? Apnalaya is finding out, with a new, unique intervention ‘School Saheli.’  The initiative aims to encourage adolescent girls to complete their school education – and delay the age of marriage and build a necessary foundation to pursue higher education and livelihood opportunities. Apnalaya … Continue reading School Saheli: Can Peer Pressure Keep Girls in School?

‘Backlash’ Over Adolescent Empowerment – Dasra Philanthropy Forum

Apnalaya’s Khula Aasmaan Mentor, Farheen Rehmat Ali Chaudhari, spoke in a five person panel discussion at the recent Dasra Philanthropy Week , Delhi – exploring the theme ‘Overcoming Backlash to Adolescent Empowerment’. The panel was held to highlight issues raised in a Dasra report on ‘Backlash’ which was launched at the event.  Aiming to better … Continue reading ‘Backlash’ Over Adolescent Empowerment – Dasra Philanthropy Forum

Swasth Immunised India

To tackle the issue of Immunisation, Apnalaya joined Network 18, along with the Serum Institute of India, as knowledge partners, to run a year-long campaign on immunisation. ‘Swasth Immunised India’ was officially launched on 21 February 2019, with Kareena Kapoor Khan stepping up as the celebrity ambassador to raise awareness for the campaign. According to … Continue reading Swasth Immunised India